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About Us

St. Joseph Health (SJH) is an integrated Catholic health care delivery system sponsored by the St. Joseph Health Ministry.

It is organized into three regions:

We provide a full range of care from facilities including 14 acute care hospitals, home health agencies, hospice care, outpatient services, skilled nursing facilities, community clinics, and physician organizations.

In our award-winning facilities, as well as non-traditional settings like school rooms and shopping malls, SJH maintains a "continuum of care," matched to the diverse needs of the urban centers, smaller cities and rural communities in three states who depend on us every day.

SJH Core Statistics

FY14 - Ending June 30, 2014

  • Facilities: 16 (California, Texas & Eastern New Mexico)
  • Employees: 24,733
  • Total net revenue: $5.6 billion
  • Community benefit: $416.4 million (total quantifiable community benefits excluding Medicare)
  • Total licensed beds: 4,122
  • Total discharges: 155,411
  • Total outpatient visits: 4,700,000
  • ED visits: 629,321 (non-admitted patients)
  • Home Health visits: 227,435