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Essential Elements of the St. Joseph Health Ministry

Dignity of the Person

We respect life, dignity of the person, the common good and the social and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church

Care of the Poor

We allocate resources for the poor and underserved. We serve the MediCal / Medicaid and uninsured population and annually set aside an established percentage of net income for the care of the medically indigent.

Body, Mind, Spirit

We provide resources for excellent, compassionate care of the whole person -- body, mind, and spirit.

Care for the Community

We respond to the needs of the community, advocate for just public policies and participate in appropriate social action as key components in the creation of healthy communities.

Quality of Worklife

Work is an expression of the dignity of the worker. We provide a work life characterized by justice, dignity and collaboration. Equitable salary scales and benefits, a safe environment, and opportunities for growth and development are expressions of this commitment.