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Perfect Care

All patients will receive perfect care.

It is our attention to detail and the smallest imperfections of eachVideopatient’s experience that drives a deeper understanding and ultimately a sustainable approach to the achievement of Perfect Care.

Over 350 years ago, the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, crafted a message in a prophetic letter to spur the growth of a “Little Design.” It was to be a new form of association of women, whose members would consecrate their lives to God, live together in small groups, and combine a life of prayer with an active ministry to the sick and the poor.

Today, carrying on Father Medaille’s inspiration, we are cultivating the seeds of a bold concept in healthcare…Perfect Care. His words are as relevant to us today as they were for the Sisters in 1650.

Give your full attention to the actions you perform,
Remove from them the slightest imperfections,
And try to observe all conditions necessary to make them perfect.
One action done well is worth a half dozen done half-heartedly.

Jean Pierre Medaille
SJ-Maxim 14:4

Perfect Care means that we strive to never fail to deliver care that is:

S- Safe
T- Timely
E- Evidence-based
E- Efficient
E- Equitable
P- Patient/Family Centered
S- Sacred / Spiritual

Our efforts in striving to Perfect Care are illustrated in: