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St. Jude Medical Center Announces the Use of a New Clot Removal Device to Treat Ischemic Stroke

St. Jude Medical Center announced that it is the first in North Orange County to offer the latest technology from Stryker Neurovascular for removing clots from the brain in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke. The Trevo® Pro Retriever has been granted market clearance by the FDA and is the first device to use proprietary Stentriever® Technology, designed for optimized clot integration and retrieval. The first patient was successfully treated at St. Jude Medical Center by the Catheterization Lab Team and Neurointerventional Radiologist, Hamed Farid, M.D.

"This technology will help save lives in our community and is great news for anyone who suffers from a stroke," said Dr. Farid. "The device is very effective at quickly restoring blood flow in the brain, allowing physicians to have a significant impact on clinical outcomes."

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States[1] and a devastating disease for patients and their loved ones. Major strokes in which a blood clot lodges in one of the larger vessels of the brain have a poor prognosis if not treated quickly. Next-generation devices like the Trevo® Pro Retriever are helping physicians to rapidly restore blood flow to the brain, faster and more effectively, to allow patients a better chance to return to normal lives.

The Trevo® Pro Retriever demonstrated strong results in the TREVO 2 clinical trial compared to the Merci Retriever®, the previous generation of clot removal devices. This technology has the highest rate of revascularization and positive clinical outcomes in a randomized embolectomy stroke device trial.

About Trevo® Pro Retrieval System

The Trevo® Pro Retrieval System, developed by Concentric Medical, Inc., now owned by Stryker, is an innovative, clot retrieval system that is delivered to the site of obstruction using a microcatheter inserted through a small puncture in the femoral artery. Using proprietary Stentriever® Technology, the Trevo® Pro Retriever is designed to integrate into blood clots and remove them from the body, thereby restoring blood flow to the brain.

About St. Jude Medical Center

St. Jude Medical Center is part of St. Joseph Health. St. Jude is a faith-based, non-profit, 384-bed facility, and one of Southern California's most-respected and technologically-advanced hospitals. With over 700 of the area's finest physicians on staff, St. Jude offers nearly every medical specialty and sub-specialty. Whether for the birth of a baby, life-saving surgery or a routine mammogram, St. Jude continues to set the standard for medical care and offers the community the most comprehensive array of services and programs.

About Acute Ischemic Stroke

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the developed world and the leading cause of serious long‐term disability. Ischemic stroke represents over 85 percent of strokes and occurs when a blockage or clot develops in one of the arteries supplying blood to the brain. The goal of intervention is to remove the thrombus from the vessel in the brain, thereby restoring blood flow to the brain. In the United States there are currently a limited number of FDA-cleared devices for removing the occlusion from the brain. Retrieval technologies, such as the new Trevo® Pro Retrieval System, create a departure from the historic method of caring for stroke patients and offer physicians and patients new options for stroke intervention.

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