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Community Benefit

The Mission of SJH and our hospitals is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange by continually improving the health and quality of life of people in the communities we serve. That mission has guided our Catholic healthcare ministry since the opening of our first hospital in Eureka, California nearly 100 years ago. The roots of our organization and the lessons to serve our dear neighbors date back to the year 1650 when the Sisters of St. Joseph's first congregation was formed in Le Puy, France. Since that time, the people of our organization continue the commitment to assess the needs of the communities we serve, build collaborative partnerships with local residents, businesses and community not-for-profits, and together through those partnerships, meet the needs of the people we serve.

As a values based organization, we have a long-standing commitment to the community we serve. We work under the premise of "Values Standards."

SJH' Values Standard Seven, "Community Benefit," states that "we (SJH) commit resources to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve, with special emphasis on the needs of the poor and underserved." 75 cents of each dollar the SJH Community Partnership Fund receives from each local hospital (ministry) is returned directly to the hospital (ministry) it came from to support local community benefit initiatives and programs.

Local Hospital Community Benefit

Community Benefit initiatives and programs across St. Joseph Health address local community health needs as identified by each local hospital's needs and assets assessments.

Each of our hospitals has a Community Benefit Committee of the Board of Trustees composed of a majority of community members, including Board members and members of the hospital's Executive Management Team. Each local CB Committee provides oversight for the development and implementation our hospital's three year Community Benefit Plan.

To learn more about our local hospital's community benefit initiatives and programs please visit their website by clicking on the link below:

Community Benefit initiatives and programs across St. Joseph Health address unmet health-related need as identified by each local hospital’s needs and assets assessments.

  • Access to care efforts focus on getting children insured and staying insured.
  • Case management programs refer patients to appropriate services
  • Prenatal care programs provide expectant mothers the basic skills necessary to make informed decisions about their own nutrition and their families
  • Fixed site and mobile community clinic provide primary medical care
  • Fixed site and mobile dental clinics provide adults and children the necessary services to have a healthy smile

At the SJH System Office

At the SJH System Office, the We Care Committee is one example of people coming together to address community need. Annually the We Care Committee actively is involved in addressing community need by making cash and in-kind donations, and volunteering staff time, to local Orange County non-profit organizations that address the needs of the economically poor and broader community.

The We Care Committee provides opportunities for SJH employees to get involved and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. The Committee is open to all SJH employees.