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Monica Ferguson, MD

4.6 out of 5 (143 Ratings)
  • Internal Medicine
St. Joseph Health Medical Group
500 Doyle Park Dr.
Suite 303
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
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St. Joseph Health Medical Group
500 Doyle Park Dr.
Suite 303
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
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    Primary Specialties
    • Internal Medicine
    • College
      B.A., Spanish- Medford, MA, Tufts University
    • College
      B.A., Bio-Psychology- Medford, MA, Tufts University
    • College
      Master of Science in Health Policy Research- Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania
    • Medical School
      Doctor of Medicine- Pittsburgh, PA, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    • Internship
      Primary Care Internal Medicine- Boston, MA, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • Residency
      Primary Care Internal Medicine- Boston, MA, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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    Dr. Monica Ferguson specializes in maintaining and improving the health of adults. Offering expert care for a wide range of health concerns, Dr. Ferguson focuses on disease prevention and wellness to the care and management of chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.
  • 27-Aug-2017
    Generally the care provider gave me an excellent treat in terms of explanation about the procedure of the test she ordered for me. She also talked to me about the rest of my medicines.
    Came w/ 5 prescrip. to fill and was only given 2 scripts. I had to wait to get the MA to consultant the dr. - to get 2 more - still need 1 more!
    Just went for routine check up. I am going to get blood work done.
    It was an "annual physical". The MD never touched me - No stethoscope, checking throat, eyes, skin, etc. I sat in a chair while the MD sat at the computer and the visit was over. Very disappointing except the medication & diagnosis review.
    Refusing to test for Lyme. Refusing to order MRI after I received a letter stating my breast tissue was too dense to get a good mammogram and its suggested that different testing should be considered. Telling me MRI's aren't used in detecting breast CA. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I asked for any other tests to show I DON'T have something else, and if I don't, then I will believe it is fibro. So many things, such as Lyme, mold toxicity, connective tissue disorders (which other docs have suggested). This doctor told me she thinks I'm just looking for something that doesn't exist. Told me I should just believe in fibromyalgia, an invisible syndrome with no clinical test. To tell me I'm looking for something that doesn't exist was rude. this isn't the first time she treated me like I was an idiot, very full of herself. I let it go before but this time I'm very upset, left the office in tears and looking for another doc. I said "I guess we are done then" if she thought I was looking for something that doesn't exist. She said okay, closed out my chart on the computer and opened the door for me to leave. Any GOOD doctor would have said we aren't done, let's look into other things. I felt like she talked down to me and was just snappy, having a rude little laugh, like I'm making up my 20+ years of pain. 6 months ago or more, I went to an ER with a horrible headache. I ended up with a CT scan (negative), iv fluids, tramadol and zofran. he prescribed zofran and had me follow up with doc. When I asked for a refill because it made a HUGE difference in my life when I had bad headaches, she refused. She said it's not prescribed for headaches when we don't know why they're happening. I have both migraines and tension headaches. Have had them since I was 13 and seen many docs. There really IS no why. But to deny me medication that absolutely helps me? Yet ready to shove other mess down my throats that I don't want? Not cool. My insurance is terrible so I don't have many choices in doctors, but I will never set foot in this office again.
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