Easy Pass Training

As part of our efforts to improve network performance and provide a single, modernized desktop to our Heritage staff, all Medical offices will be updated to a new Citrix Platform (EasyPass2) which will allow for a completely integrated and standardized clinical platform across both the Acute & Ambulatory environments, getting our caregivers one step closer to perfect care.

Key Benefits

  • You will be able to change/update your own passwords without a single call to the Help Desk.
  • Gone are the days where you have to remember multiple usernames and passwords; with EasyPass2, many of your applications will be part of our "Single Sign On" software which remembers your password, and automatically logs you in!
  • With our printing software (UniPrint), you no longer have to remember printer names, the tool will choose the closest one for you.

Timeline & Expected Outcome

  • Hardware Upgrade
  • ***Device upgrades are scheduled to happen over the following 3 weekends: February 21st & 22nd; February 27th & 28th; March 6th & 7th
  • On the weekend that your Medical office is scheduled to be upgraded, a team of engineers will visit your location and replace all old machines with newer models.
  • The following Monday when you come in to your office, you will need to go through an initial enrollment process which allows the EasyPass software to remember your credentials for future reference.
  • Detailed instructions will be printed out and left next to each device,

Support Contact Information

  • If you have any questions, speak with your Site Manager who has received all relevant information related to this upgrade.
  • If further assistance is required, you may call the HelpDesk at (714) 937-7460 or (877) 552-7547 for support

Resources for Download