The SJH Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office is the administrative body responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of human subjects involved in studies being conducted at SJH facilities and/or being conducted by SJH staff. The HRPP Office ensures that research is conducted in accordance with all applicable federal regulations, state laws, and institutional policies. The HRPP Office's role is to create complete protection for research participants and researchers by providing education and training, facilitating the Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval process, and conducting post IRB approval activities including monitoring and reviews.

IRB Turnaround Times

The HRPP continuously strives to improve the services we provide to our researchers. Our goal is to provide favorable IRB turnaround times while ensuring federal, state, and local requirements are satisfied with high quality review of submissions.

A list of the various types of submissions is included below with the average turnaround times (from submission to IRB approval) for Q4 2019:

Full Review Submissions (New Studies, Amendments, Continuing Reviews): 12 Business Days
Expedited/ Limited Review Submissions (New Studies, Amendments, Continuing Reviews): 4 Business Days
Exemption Determinations (New Studies): 2 Business Days

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