Our Position on Unions

We are committed to providing a fair and just workplace for all of our employees and have set even higher standards than the law requires. We believe it is our responsibility and obligation to provide a fair and just workplace whether or not a union is present. We believe that living our values, being held accountable to our principles and ensuring our employees are respected and have a voice is the best way to guarantee a fair and just workplace for our employees.

We are pro-employee and we take seriously our responsibility to advocate for our employees; we are not anti-union. For years we have had constructive relations with employee-sanctioned unions at our ministries and have worked for decades with unions around the world to support workers’ rights.

Regarding union representation, we support our employees’ right to choose for themselves, rather than unions or management choosing for them. Employees who may be opposed to union representation deserve a voice as much as do those who seek out such representation. Every employee deserves the full protections afforded them under our national labor laws. It is clear that if our employees choose to organize, we respect and honor their decision.

In keeping with Catholic Social Teaching, we will continue on the path of dialogue and discernment, a path that is paved in common values. We have and will continue to meet with both employees who are interested in unionization and those who are not.

We remain focused and true to our Mission. Our caregivers are highly committed to providing quality patient care and our charity care and community benefits remain at the heart of our work. Moreover, efforts continue throughout SJH to become an even better place to work for our employees.