FAQ: Community Investment Fund

For more information, contact Gabriela Robles, Vice President Community Partnerships at Gabriela.Robles@stjoe.org.

Is this a grant?

No. The SJH Community Investment Fund does not offer grants. We offer affordable, low-interest loans and other types of investment support for nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations working to promote the common good, and who serve low-income and other vulnerable populations in our communities. In order to receive a loan from the Community Investment Fund, organizations must demonstrate their ability to repay the loan and provide collateral to secure it.

What interest rate will you charge?

We believe the social benefit that can be achieved by lending our support is more important than the investment return. Therefore, the rate charged is dependent on the community benefit of the services provided, market conditions and other metrics.

Will you work with other lenders?

SJH encourages partnerships with other lenders. We assist community benefit organizations in establishing ongoing relationships with financial institutions for the long-term benefit of the community benefit organization.

Who can access the Community Investment Fund?

We focus on the communities where we have health care ministries; therefore, we invest at least 50 percent of our loans in California, Texas and New Mexico. Qualified nonprofit organizations engaged in services that benefit the community may access the Community Investment Fund. These services must be consistent with the mission and values of SJH, and with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

What types of programs does the Community Investment Fund typically support?

Some of the programs we have supported include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Social service programs
  • Food banks and other direct services
  • Job expansion programs
  • School and educational programs

Other types of nonprofit organizations will also be considered. The Community Investment Fund will also provide loans to intermediary agencies providing such services.

What is the term of the loan?

In order for us to assist as many organizations as possible, the term of the loan is usually five years or less.

What is the maximum amount my organization can borrow under this program?

The maximum loan amount varies based on the total available assets in the Community Investment Fund. One goal is to make approximately 20 percent of the Community Investment Fund available each year. Historically, we have not funded loans in excess of $2 million.

How do I apply?

If you think your organization may qualify for a loan from the Community Investment Fund, you must first complete a Pre-Qualification Scan. This form asks for basic information about your organization to determine potential eligibility. Please note that completing the pre-qualification scan does not obligate you to submit a formal application, nor does it mean that your application will be approved.

After you have submitted the Pre-Qualification Scan, a representative from the Community Investment Fund will contact you to discuss your eligibility and next steps. There are no fees for this process.

For more information, contact Gabriela Robles, Vice President Community Partnerships at Gabriela.Robles@stjoe.org