Community Investment Fund Pre-Qualification Scan

To find out if you might qualify for a loan, submit the following basic information. In no way does submitting this information obligate you to submit a formal application, nor does it suggest that any loan application that you submit would be approved.

Are you a 501(c)(3) organization? If not, your agency does not qualify for a loan from the Community Investment Fund.
How long has your organization been operating?
Do you have a Board of Directors with at least five unrelated members?
What geographical area does your organization serve? St. Joseph Health prefers to work with organizations that serve the communities surrounding our ministries. However, operating in a different geographical area does not preclude you from being considered.
Your Name*
Organization Name
Street Address*
Zip Code*
Phone Number*
Email Address*
What is your organization’s annual budget?
Organization’s Area of Service
Arts Environmental Social Service
Animal Welfare Health Youth
Educational Literacy Other
What is your organization’s financial need? Please keep in mind that the Community Investment Fund Loan Committee reserves the right to determine the amount, type and terms and conditions of each loan request it reviews, based on its assessment of the business and financial risks associated with the transaction
Why do you need a loan?
How do you intend to repay your loan? Please keep in mind that we are looking for a defined source of repayment, which is a source of funds that is committed or recurring with a high degree of certainty as to its timing and its amount.
How did you hear about the Community Investment Fund?
Are there any people within your organization that are affiliated with St. Joseph Health?
What collateral would you intend to post to secure the loan?