Grant Initiatives

As much as we wish we could address every need in our communities, we know that is an impossible task. That’s why the St. Joseph Health (SJH) Community Partnership Fund focuses our efforts on what we believe are the most essential priorities for human dignity and community well-being.

Our current grant initiatives include the following:

Emergency Food and Shelter Initiative
In these challenging economic times, too many individuals and families live on the edge of crisis. The loss of a job, a family member’s illness, a sudden rise in rent or other unexpected expense, can have devastating consequences for those already struggling –– too often leading to hunger and homelessness.The Emergency Food and Shelter Initiative distributes $1 million annually to qualifying programs who provide services in at least one of the following areas:

  • Food
    • Food purchases by food banks or pantries
    • Food distribution sites
    • Served meal sites
    • Food voucher programs (e.g., for grocery stores, etc.)
  • Shelter
    • Rent or mortgage assistance
    • Emergency shelter
    • Shelter voucher program (e.g., for hotel stays, etc.)
  • Utilities
    • Utility payment assistance (e.g., electricity, gas, etc.)

The Fund is also providing grant funding to organizations offering care coordination as part of an emergency food and shelter program. Care coordination involves integrating health care and social support services tailored to clients’ needs, with the goal of breaking the cycle of hunger and homelessness. Services may include case management, linkages to health care or social services, assistance with health insurance enrollment, chronic disease care management and assistance in finding employment.

Community Building Initiative
At its core, the Community Building Initiative seeks to inspire community residents to be their own agents of change, by working collaboratively with their neighbors, civic leaders and other local stakeholders on the issues most meaningful to their communities. Whether it’s creating a park in a neighborhood without a safe place for children to play and families to gather, or building a community clinic in an area that lacks affordable, convenient health services, the idea is to engage the community in bringing their own vision of well-being to reality. All projects must begin with a one-year planning grant. Grantees that successfully meet their planning grant objectives can apply for a three-year implementation grant beginning the following year.

Disaster Relief Initiative
From the beginning, the ministry of our foundresses, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, has been to“serve the dear neighbor.” We believe our neighbors include not just those who live nearby, but the global community of humankind. Through our Disaster Relief Initiative, the Community Partnership Fund responds to disasters and crises wherever they occur. Funds are directed to international aid organizations with the expertise and capacity to respond to the needs of vulnerable populations and those affected by natural disasters, conflict, disease and other events that cause human suffering. For more information, please contact us at