Wellness Initiatives

In 2006, senior leadership across SJH gathered to identify long-term strategic priorities. In addition, two transformational statements were adopted resulting in a major change in the SJH model of care delivery.

Those statements call for our health system to embrace an illness and wellness model while realizing a greater balance between hospital and community-based care.

The Wellness and Health Improvement Division was created in August 2008 to provide leadership for this dramatic change. Upon reflection, this new calling mirrors the challenge that Father Jean Pierre Medaille put before the Sisters of St. Joseph in Le Puy, France in 1652. He urged the sisters to leave the monasteries and go out into their village, identify areas of need, and work by themselves or in collaboration with others to meet the people’s needs.

As SJH moves beyond its hospitals’ walls, it pays homage to this heritage ensuring that the communities we serve are among our nation’s “Healthiest Communities.” Through a variety of “Healthy Living” initiatives offered in collaboration with our hospitals (ministries) in their communities, SJH invests in local and system-wide programs in three types of healthcare delivery.