The Essentiality of Philanthropy

We've asked our chief executive officers to express the meaning of philanthropy to their ministries and communities and here's what they have to say:


“For nearly 100 years West Texas and Eastern New Mexico have relied on Covenant to deliver great healthcare. The generous philanthropic support our Foundation receives allows us to Keep the Covenant.”
Richard Parks, Covenant Health


“I am constantly humbled by the generosity of our faithful community members. Their ongoing investments allow us to provide the high quality care that this community deserves.”
David O’Brien, MD, St. Joseph Health, Humboldt County

“At Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and our ministries in Sonoma County, philanthropy is the difference between good and great.”
Todd Salnas, St. Joseph Health, Sonoma County

“We can deliver great healthcare to our community, but we deliver world class healthcare because of philanthropy!”
Walt Mickens, Queen of the Valley Medical Center


“I see a very different Mission in three years. Our focus on patients and bringing world class care right here in our community will transform our staff, our physician relationships, our facilities and our technology. We cannot make this all-important transition without the support and leadership of philanthropy and specifically, the Mission Hospital Foundation. We look forward to our community of donors and supporters working to help this vision become a very impactful reality.”
Rick Afable, MD, Mission Hospital

"Our mission is to serve our dear neighbor and we have been so encouraged over the past 18 months as our community has come along side with both cash and planned gifts to magnify our impact and our ability to improve health in the High Desert."
Alan Garrett, St. Mary Medical Center

“I tell our community leaders that St. Joseph is their hospital. Investing in their hospital through philanthropy creates and sustains clinical excellence, attracts the best physicians and enables us to make a significant impact on meeting the needs of the community.”
Steven C. Moreau, St. Joseph Hospital, Orange

“Philanthropy takes us from great to extraordinary. Philanthropy is a differentiator that allows us to distinguish ourselves as a nationally-recognized, state-of-the-art institution which provides not only the highest quality of care, but also the most compassionate care.”
Lee Penrose, St. Jude Medical Center